Fearless Friday, Garden Fantasy

Last week we drew and colored realistic botanical flowers This week we’re going to do the exact opposite and draw flowers zentangle style, free-form, anything goes, flower doodles! This is for anyone who has pen! No rules, just have fun and create funky, crazy, flowers! Start with a line for the stem and add a … Continue reading

Fearless Friday, Paint & Doodle!

Today I want to share a fun method that will build your confidence as an artist~ you literally can not make a mistake! I call this technique “paint and doodle” Load a round brush with watercolor and paint a few simple shapes Continue to add more shapes, using a lot of water with your color … Continue reading

Fearless Friday, Zentangle Doodling

I was going to post a floral arrangement I created with markers today, but I had some internet issues and couldn’t edit the photos properly… So let’s revisit a fun technique called Zentangle that you don’t have to be an artist to do! This is a great way to relax Intentional doodling means instead of … Continue reading