Recipe Box, BBQ Supper Eggrolls

This is a great way to reinvent leftovers! Stuff them into an eggroll wrapper and fry or bake them~ BBQ sauce, pulled pork, corn and coleslaw makes a tasty package! Smear a little sauce on the eggroll wrapper.  I used Berry Burst BBQ Sauce Top the sauce with pulled or shredded cook pork, cooked corn … Continue reading

Recipe Box, Surprise Package

This is a funny appetizer that is surprisingly good! It’s a cross between an egg roll, a fried pickle and a cheese stick…Sound crazy? It is! But it’s crazy good, and crazy easy too! I am going to make up a batch for Oscar Night this Sunday. Can you guess what’s inside these innocent looking … Continue reading

Take-out Tuesday, Southwestern Eggrolls

“Take out Tuesday” is the day I cook dinner for my son, Hungry Husband Jr., and his wife, Yoga Girl.  They have 2 sons, Super Boy who is 4 and New Baby who is 2 months, so it’s busy around their household.  On Tuesdays Super Boy comes over to my house and I like to … Continue reading