Holidays, Flag Day Red White and Blueberry Crostata

Happy Flag Day! Get out your red white and blueberries! You can whip this up in no time to enjoy today! This is the SECRET, brush the pastry liberally with almond extract You will swoon with delight when you taste this! Wave a flag! You might also want to try this with peaches as in … Continue reading

Recipe Box, Sweet Tea Lemonade Cupcakes & Sweet Tea Vodka Poke Cake

Drink your sweet tea and eat it too! Put it in your cupcakes and spike your loaf cake with Sweet Tea Vodka! The batter starts with Lemon cake mix, and the liquid is sweet tea with a little almond extract I like to make mini cupcakes, they’re easy to eat and don’t feel so sinful … Continue reading

Recipe Box, Peach & Nectarine Crostata

I am pretty sure you are going to thank me~it’s ok…..totally my pleasure…and definitely yours if you choose to make this! Here is the really good news, ANYONE can make this, and you WILL be a rock star and here’s the REALLY good news, 6 ingredients, 5 minutes, and it’s ready to bake You don’t … Continue reading

Party Panache, Sand Dollar Dessert

This little dish of lemony mousse is going to transport you straight to a sandy beach with an ocean breeze… The low tide has left an ocean full of shells washed ashore beached on pillows of sugar white sand… the aquamarine waters sparkle in the sunlight… Sigh….. Okay, sorry, I got carried away. The story … Continue reading

Recipe Box, Key Lime Parfait

Have you ever heard of a jello cake? You bake a cake Poke holes in it and then pour liquid jello over it….hhhmmmmmmm….I’m not a big fan of jello, especially lime green jello~ you remember Aunt Bethany’s jello mold in  Chevy Chase’s movie, Christmas Vacation? Ha, I’ve never felt the same way about jello since! … Continue reading