Creations, Burlap Bunny Bags

These burlap bunny bags are a cinch to make

burlap bunny bags

All you need is a little burlap, some ribbon, paint or felt, yarn or glue~


For the large bunny I used a piece that measured  10″w x 35″ and folded it in half


Then I cut down the center about 7 inches.  These will be the ears


You want one on the top right and one on the bottom left.  Cut the other material away.


Stitch the sides of the face using a long running stitch, forming the bag.


Cut each “ear” into a tapered shape.  Don’t worry if the edges fray a little, this is a fuzzy bunny!


Glue a pipe cleaner on the back of the ears to give them some body.  I used spray adhesive so it dried very quickly.


I used a petal shape for the big bunny, and just 1/2 of a straight piece for the smaller bunnies.


Place a paper towel or piece of paper inside bag and under ears and apply some pink paint with a fairly dry brush


Fill in ears and cheeks, and draw or stitch on the facial lines


You can make whiskers out of pipe cleaners or burlap strings


wrap a small piece of a pink pipe cleaner around for the nose.   Twist ends to secure

burlap bunny bags 7

You can make these bags in any color combination

pink cheeked burlap bunny

and in  any size you like!


For the smaller bags I cut  4  rectangles, each measuring about  8 3/4″ x 12″, and pulled some strings from the edges so it would look evenly frayed


Make a pattern or simply  free cut the ears, about 7 inches down as shown in figure above, cutting only one ear on each shape and then cutting straight across to the edge

burlap bunny

Place right side over left so there will be one ear on the front piece and one on the back.  Stitch the edges and bottom together using a piece of yarn and long running stitches.  [Or sew the seams on a machine]


Tuck in a sheet of paper or paper towel and lightly paint bunny cheeks and ears on with a dry brush and craft paint, using a light touch.  Practice your bunny face on paper first if you want, then use a sharpie to draw it directly onto the burlap

bunny whiskers

Cut up some burlap strings [reserved from pulling from the cutting channels] to make the whiskers.  Use a pink pipe cleaner, or ribbon to hold the whiskers together and form a nose.  A pipe cleaner is great for this because you can twist the wire and cut it off closely on the back.  Use a dot of glue to secure whiskers on the bunny’s face, using the paper inside the bag to catch excess glue underneath.

pink cheeked burlap bunny

Fill your bunny with goodies or stuffing and tie the bag with a ribbon at the top, gathering in the ears.

orange bunny

The one below was made a little differently for a more boxy look


Same method, but leaving the ears square, rather than tapered


and drawing on a more square face


a little orange for the cheeks and ears, just for fun

orange bunny

and a happy bright yellow jelly bean bow!

burlap bunny bags

Easter bunny bags

burlap bunny bags 1

These will be  fun to fill with a surprise or two for little ones~  or just to use for decorations!


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  1. Happier Than A Pig In Mud says:

    Cute! Lovin’ the whiskers:@)

  2. Mary says:

    These bunny bags are too darn cute and you are so clever Jenna! They make me want to hop right into Easter mode! Love those carrot colored checks and pipe cleaner whiskers 🙂

  3. Mary says:

    carrot colored CHEEKS 🙂

  4. Kim says:

    Adorable bunnies, Jenna! I love how you made these – very clever, indeed! 🙂

  5. These are absolutely darling. I’m drooling. (Gross, I know!) I love burlap projects!!!

  6. VERY cute 🙂

  7. too cute! love these, will have to make a couple 🙂 Pinning!

  8. angie says:

    these are simply adorable so homey perfect for easter décor
    come see us at

  9. So so so cute! Thanks for linking up to Centerpiece Wednesday!

  10. These are so adorable and such a clever idea to hold tiny treats; a must make 🙂

  11. Thanks for mentioning my burlap bunny bags in your post~ I just read your bio and am fascinated~we have much in common ~I went to Chico and am very familiar with Davis. I live in Alabama now so can’t come to taste your lovely wine 🙁 Just signed up to follow your adventures~

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