Fearless Friday, Art Inspiration Ideas

Sometimes the biggest challenge of art

is deciding what to draw or paint

I get a lot of ideas from viewing the work of other artists

Studying the styles of other artists is a great way to get inspired

This painting by Nancy Standlee caught my attention

with the bright colors and simplified shapes


This pillow from Pen and Paint

wears one of my favorite sayings by Kobi Yamada


I made a collage with these photos and 6 other art photos

with elements I wanted to use for a painting

A chef {my painting}, apples, bicycle, lemons

and a colorful pattern


I combined these inspirations into a large acrylic painting

“Dreams and Plans”

Another way I get painting ideas

is to browse around Pinterest

I keep Pinterest boards with photos of ideas for painting

I have a board that has photos of flower arrangements

that I refer to when I want to paint flowers

This photo from my flower ideas board

was one I chose for a watercolor

I liked the color and texture variations

and the play of lights and darks in the stems and water

Pink Blooms

I also get inspired by pretty photos I see on other blogs

Pam from Everyday Living is always sharing photos

of her beautiful garden that I want to paint ~

Pam’s Hydrangeas

Mary from Home is Where the Boat is

often shares photos of beautiful flower arrangements and vignettes

that make my paint brush itch to get painting

Garden Gloves

I also look at photos on Unsplash and Pixabay

when I know what I want to paint but need a reference photo

When I created Arizona Landscape

I wanted to try out a marker technique I saw on Pinterest

and needed a photo for reference

Both Unsplash and Pixabay

provide photos you can download for free

photo source Unsplash

It’s sort of an abstract/modern/funky style

Botanical books often have detailed line drawings

of various plants and flowers

They are great to use to practice drawing

and then you can color the images

Sometimes a powerful reflection will catch my eye

and I want to see if I can capture it like this bottle of Red Wine

Fresh fruit and vegetables can inspire a painting,

I love to paint tomatoes

Garden Tomatoes

“Tomatoes in a Black and White Bowl” 18″ x 24″acrylic on canvas

Sometimes I participate in art challenges like

World Watercolor Month {July} and Doodlewash {monthly}

These challenges provide a daily prompt word to paint

Right now Inktober is in full swing

and I have submitted 8 paintings so far,

combining the daily prompts from both Inktober

and Doodlewash into one drawing

“cake/dessert” “spiders/web”

“path/woods” “dodge/ball” {the candy corn was trying to “dodge” the spider}

“map/pirate” “drip/faucet”

“toad/prince” “bounce/kangaroo”

I hope I’ve given you some ideas to find inspiration

and jump start your sketch book or paintings~

Be Fearless!

I will be joining these fabulous parties and blogs

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18 Responses to “Fearless Friday, Art Inspiration Ideas”
  1. I love seeing your riffs on the inspiration pieces — taking the essence but making it entirely your own. These are all lovely, Jenna (as always, I might add!) and very inspiring!

  2. Lovely images, and I love the quote “She turned her can’ts into cans…”

  3. Whoa! So colorful! From the paintings, quotes, and still life arrangements – it would take a month to work through all the beautiful things you’ve tossed this way. It’s like having a visual confetti bomb explode at a party. So much fun! Happy Weekend – I’ll be in Orange Beach this weekend – working on my audiobook!

  4. So pretty and fun. you are so talented. Love the cake! Happy weekend.

  5. Pam says:

    Jenna, I so enjoyed this post. You are so creative and super talented. Thanks for the shout out and my limelight hydrangeas. Happy Weekend!

  6. lghiggins says:

    Thanks for sharing your inspiration ideas. It’s fun to see how an artist thinks.😊

  7. Oh Jenna, I love your splashes of creativeness in this post!

  8. Nancy says:

    Lovely inspiration! You always amaze me!
    I enjoy when you paint blogging friend’s pictures! I also enjoy the cactus and desert paintings! They are so bright and colorful!

  9. Kim Goddard says:

    Wow Jenna, just wow! I love seeing how things inspire you and Jeanie’s comment about making it all your own. The collage is lovely and the botanicals are beautiful. They are all gorgeous. Happy Monday to you!

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