Party Panache, Labor Day BLT BBQ Bloody Marys

The Bloody Mary cocktail has been around since the early 1900s, when Russians escaping the revolution in their country, fled to France and brought their beloved vodka with them.  At a popular Paris bar, Harry’s, the bartender thought their spirits were tasteless. Around this same time, tomato juice was also introduced to the bartender, which … Continue reading

Take-out Tuesday, Vegetable Patch Quinoa

This is guaranteed to get you dreaming of summer garden vegetables and how healthy and energetic you will be once you eat this You will be dancing out to your garden singing and digging planting and planning all the tasty dishes you are going to create with your summer harvest like this Vegetable Patch Quinoa … Continue reading

Happy Valentine’s Day! Bacon Salt

I know, right~  I mean really, Bacon Salt??? When I saw this recipe, it fit right in with the “bacon/man-food” type theme I had going on for my son’s Valentine birthday, so I had to make some You can whip up a batch today in a matter of minutes if you need a last minute … Continue reading