Recipe Box, Pot o’ Gold Soup with Lucky Croutons

You don’t need a rainbow to find this Pot o’ Gold Soup, the rainbow is already in it! It’s full of a rainbow of vegetables 🌈 and golden cheese This “pot o’ gold” is simple to put together Since it’s full of colorful vegetables, that cancels out the cheese and cream 😊 Saute the vegetables … Continue reading

Take-out Tuesday, Not your Momma’s Vegetable Pizza!

When you think of vegetable pizza, are you picturing mushrooms, peppers, onions, olives, the usual suspects? How about amping up the flavors with asparagus, fennel, roasted garlic and Brussels sprouts? Get out of a pizza rut with unexpected combos of different vegetables Roast them on a foil lined baking sheet Use a store bought or … Continue reading

the organized life, Plan B dinner

Be flexible!  I know when I do my weekly meal plan that it is often ambitious.  As much as I enjoy cooking and creating in the kitchen, sometimes I am just plain too tired! Or imagine, life gets in the way and I don’t have time! So, Plan B comes to mind.  I try to … Continue reading