Take-out Tuesday, Mushroom Magic Pasta

Okay, so what’s so magic about this pasta? First of all, you make it with a no boil, “ready” pasta It comes fully cooked in the package and all it requires is a quick 60 seconds in the microwave It is coated with a lightened up version of Alfredo sauce which basically makes itself right … Continue reading

Recipe Box, Summer Cherry Tomato Pie

Our garden this year has not been the perfect success it started out to be We did harvest some kale and made Krazy Kale and Pan Fried Kale Ribbons with Garlic before a giant snake got caught in the protective netting and thrashed about for 3 days bashing everything with it’s tail… And even though … Continue reading

Recipe Box, Ryan’s Italian Tomato Pie

I need to pay attention when people are cooking in my kitchen “Hey Mom, you’re missing a great blog moment…” “Whoa, what?!”  I gasped, as I grabbed my camera and ran to the kitchen “Why didn’t you tell me!” click, snap, click, snap “Oh, that looks so good, what’s in there? Ricotta, spinach,  garlic, tomatoes, … Continue reading

Take out Tuesday, Savory Ricotta Pie

Heading into the Holiday season things get pretty busy in my studio.  Take out Tuesday began last spring when I was helping my son and his family while his wife was on bed rest expecting their second child.  I  cooked them a meal every Tuesday while I babysat for their son Super Boy.  Now New … Continue reading