Recipe Box, 2 Minute Crownie Sundae

Okay, so you’re thinking “what is a crownie?” It’s a combination of a cake and a brownie! When I saw this recipe for Bailey’s Irish Creme Mug Brownie from How Sweet Eats and read that this dessert for 1 can be cooked in only 1 minute, I just had to try it! Next time you … Continue reading

Take-out Tuesday, Happy Birthday Duncan Hines!

Today is Duncan Hines birthday! March 26 1880 – March 15 1959 Let’s celebrate with a round up of fabulous cakes made with his cake mixes! Here’s some fun facts about how these cake mixes came to be…Duncan Hines began his career as a salesman traveling the country before there were interstate systems and chain … Continue reading

Party Panache, Show Your Colors Cake

If you’ve never tried baking a multi colored cake, you must try, it’s tons of fun There are lots of different methods, and this is a great short cut version Prepare a white cake batter from scratch or use a quality white boxed cake mix Prepare batter as directed if using a box mix, adding … Continue reading

Party Panche, Tiramisu Bundt Cake with Kahlua Caramel

At first glance this cake might look complicated… But it’s really a piece of cake  😂 The cake is made from a Fudge Marble cake mix, and enhanced with strong coffee, Kahlua, milk, butter and 4 eggs Follow the instructions on the mix box for making the chocolate swirl, adding the cocoa powder packet to … Continue reading

Creations, Let’s Talk Cake!

  Let’s talk cake… It’s fun to draw   Paint         And sew!           You can change a cake with a filter or an app like Waterlogue       Or get it on a pillow       You can take it with you     It’s … Continue reading

Take-out Tuesday, Sugar Cookie Birthday Pie

NG, my son-in-law, is the nicest guy you will ever meet He also has a major sweet tooth So for his birthday last week, I made him a giant sugar cookie pie And topped it with chopped peanut butter cups I was trying to make up for the fact that for Christmas we gave CC a … Continue reading

Creations, Gingerbread House Cake

Gingerbread is the December flavor of the month, and it has inspired several creations! I made a fun little cake a few days ago, and decorated it like it was a gingerbread house With a green wreath “roof”, gummy Christmas trees and bushes… The boys got home from school just in time to add some … Continue reading

Party Panache, Blueberry & Bacon Breakfast Cake

Blueberries, Bacon, Cake! Yes, please!  Sweet & salty, creamy & dreamy, sounds good doesn’t it?  It’s simple to make too, and stays delicious for a week. This would be so perfect for the holidays in December! Labor Day weekend is fast approaching and the family is coming to the beach for the weekend.  I was … Continue reading