Tablescapes, Crazy for Blueberries & Buttery Blueberry Cornbread

We have been crazy for berries this summer, especially blueberries This Blueberry Cornbread recipe from  Southern Bite was calling my name This cornbread is not as dense as some, and gets moisture and sweetness from the blueberries It’s really good paired with a blueberry beer! It’s easy peasy to make, a 5 Minute Prep recipe … Continue reading

Fearless Friday, Copycat Poppies

A great way to learn painting is by copying  others   The watercolor on the left is from Fluidcolors.  I love the way the artist faded the receeding poppies into the shadowy background, and I copied the artist’s style and composition {right}     Copying is a great way to experiment and try out new … Continue reading

Recipe Box, Grillin’ & Chillin’ Vacation Week Menu

Restaurants are impossibly crowded at dinner time on the coast, and with little ones it isn’t really an option to eat out at night.  Sometimes we’ll boat to lunch, but we really prefer to just grill and chill.. The disadvantage of being a lifestyle blogger with a family of foodies, is that they have high … Continue reading

Home Decor, Living the Beach House Lifestyle

We are celebrating our 30th summer at the beach house, watching our grandchildren come to love it as much as our children did, playing on the same sand dunes, learning to swim and fish, and enjoying the world of coastal water at very young ages…     Life is very casual, and things are rustic … Continue reading

Take-out Tuesday, Inside Out Berry Pie

It’s effortless It’s cool and creamy It’s full of berries It’s got cookies 😋 It’s summer in a bowl Put it in the freezer The perfect summer treat! I call it inside out pie because instead of making a cookie crumb crust and filling it with the whipped cream mixture, I just tossed everything together, … Continue reading

Tablescapes, Refresh with Black & White

Taking a break from the red white and blue today     Refreshing a space with black and white is a favorite way     It’s elegant, classic and timeless     Sophisticated, yet a welcoming way to de-stress     A sunlit centerpiece fills the room     Spilling moss balls, faux roses and … Continue reading

Fearless Friday, Fourth Fun & A Rose

  I hope you had a fabulous 4th!  💥 🇺🇸 🍉     Ours was full of family     Flying Flags     And Firecrackers!     Not much time for painting, but I did manage a quick rose     I found a photo, enlarged it and printed it out for reference   … Continue reading

Recipe Box, Tater Crabs

Have you noticed homemade Tater Tots are all the rage lately? Sounds like something fun to try… Grate parboiled potatoes and mix then with a little flour and seasoning and form them into tots Just smash the potato mixture in the palm of your hand to compact the shape Kinda like playing with clay in … Continue reading

Creations, Tile Embellished Tray

  I had some pretty glass tile leftover tile from our master bath redo,      I found an inexpensive galvanized tray at Walmart, part of the Better Homes & Garden collection for only $7.99     I used premixed grout, a large spackling tool and a sponge       This mini glass subway … Continue reading

Take-out Tuesday, Handy Staples Recipes

Take it easy this summer, and save some trips to the store with these recipes from the handy staples list When I made this list several weeks ago,  I didn’t realize how very handy it would be! Today I’m sharing  links to all the Painted Apron recipes you can make with the things on this … Continue reading