Party Panache, Sweet Potato Spirals with Ham & Cheese

  Wow, what a Saturday!         We had some of our favorite fans over to watch the SEC Championship game, and there was never a dull moment!       Football means food, but neither HHjr or I had time to make much…         I finally got the pumpkins … Continue reading

Recipe Box, Ode to the Potato & Secret Ingredient Twice Baked Potatoes

When you think about all things Irishย  ๐Ÿ€ย  and St. Patrick’s Day, one of the first foods that comes to mind is the good oldย  PO-TA-TO! Such a humble vegetable, that has endless possibilities…   You can mash themย ย  Slow Cooker Brown Butter Mashed Potatoes     You can fry themย  Steak House Fries with … Continue reading

Recipe Box, Swoodles with Spinach & Cashew Cream and Air Fryer Review

Do you know about Air Fryers?ย  Santa brought us one for Christmas   This amazing kitchen appliance “fries” by circulating a little oil with hot air, sort of like a convection oven.ย  It is supposed to make your favorite fried foods much healthier by eliminating 95% of the oil HHjr & Iย  have been experimenting, … Continue reading

Home Decor, 1 Week to Go!

Thanksgiving is only a week away!ย  Halloween seems like yesterday~ I just love pumpkins and I’ll keep them as long as I can~ What is your upcoming holiday plan? I keep things simple this time of year, and try not to stress out before all the holiday cheer Between the Halloween goblins and the Christmas … Continue reading

Recipe Box, Winning Appetizer Recipes

Here are some more great recipes for tailgating and fall football.ย  These are a little more complicated than yesterday’s Fast & Fabulous, but they aren’t hard and they are so different from the usual fare, you might want to give them a try~ These are some of the show stopping recipes from the recent “Cook … Continue reading

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