The Organized Life, Summer Paint Bucket

June is going to be a crazy, busy month.  I am helping host a family reunion on the coast, people are flying in from all 4 corners of the country! I don’t know how much creative cooking I will be doing, and with the 4th of July right on the heels of the reunion, I … Continue reading

Recipe Box, Cinnamon Roll & Sausage Breakfast Pudding

A different twist on traditional breakfast casserole, this one uses cinnamon rolls~ My kitchen can be a busy place… There’s usually several things going on HH was peeling shrimp for our favorite Coconut Fried Shrimp while HHjr was setting up the fryer outside I was prepping a breakfast casserole for the next morning and baking … Continue reading

Recipe Box, Watermelon Salsa with Jerk Chicken 2 Ways

We had a cooking frenzy over the weekend, HHjr planned the recipes and we all shared the cooking.  The Watermelon Salsa was such a great pairing with grilled Jerk Chicken, and even better the next day when we turned the leftovers into Jerk Chicken Nachos with Watermelon Salsa~ People are always asking me, “how do … Continue reading

Take-out Tuesday, Sweet Chili BBQ Pork Chops 1-2-3!

1 slow cooker, 2 sauces, 3 minutes! I would be embarrassed to show you this recipe if it wasn’t so gooooooood…… Oh, and the 3 minute part 🙂 Sweet Chili Sauce and any kind of BBQ And if you use a slow cooker liner bag no clean-up either! I made this with 2 large bone … Continue reading

Holidays, Memorial Day Daisy Dip

Happy Memorial Day! I hope the stars and stripes are waving proudly where ever you are~ We kicked off the weekend with a simple little Daisy Dip You can see that I didn’t exactly slave away in the kitchen… I did string and cook the snow peas! One whole minute in the micowave, whoo that … Continue reading

Creations, A Mermaid Pot

This old pot has been around since we first bought our coastal cottage, back when I was in my pink and blue phase….I have had some questionable phases, have you? I bought it at one of those bargain import stores and when I grew tired of it,  it wound up under the deck, where it … Continue reading

Recipe Box, Mushroom Pockets

The inspiration for these Mushroom Pockets came from a recipe I remembered from long ago that used mushrooms and crescent rolls that literally melted in your mouth I brought out a few of my favorite ingredients to spark things up a little, bacon and Vidalia onion Cook the bacon in a skillet because you are … Continue reading

Holidays, Red White and Sea Blue

Red, white and sea blue? HH & I love to have a little down time before and after the big holiday weekends and we have been enjoying a few days alone on the coast One of our favorite meals is crab legs and corn on the cob, so easy to prepare and so delicious to … Continue reading

Creations, New Life for an Old Bench, Paint, shells and sea glass

This 12 year old bench is very sentimental to me It is just a $100 bench from a big box store that we had to assemble Two very special people painted it blue for me after it had been out in the weather for a few years It survived Hurricane Ivan and Katrina It resides … Continue reading

Take-out Tuesday, Chicken with Ginger Orange Marmalade

Nothing fancy here, just a 5 minute prep and a little slow cooking time and you will have a wonderful summer dinner! It couldn’t be easier, and you definitely won’t work up a sweat! Make a sauce with Orange marmalade, Dijon mustard, Worcestershire sauce, orange juice, and ginger paste or fresh ginger.  Ginger paste is … Continue reading