Home Decor, Spring Cleaning and a Boat Ride

Last weekend we got away to the coast and I got started on my spring cleaning. This basket of towels lives by the doors that lead out to the porch, pool and beach. It’s a perfect spot for the towels but I finally noticed that the basket looked a little tired… Do you have something … Continue reading

Recipe Box, Italian Fries

I combined 2 Pinterest recipe ideas to come up with these baked, flavorful potatoes which Hungry Husband declared the best fries he’s ever had, bar none and then proceeded to have 3 helpings!  So you might want to try these, just sayin”…….. Looks good, yes? Couldn’t be easier… Potato wedges, garlic butter {or use garlic … Continue reading

Take-out Tuesday, 2 recipes, 10 minutes, 5 stars!

5 Minutes + chicken, mushrooms, mustard, mayo, lemon, honey=5 star winner winner chicken dinner! 5 minutes + pizza crust in a can, cheese, green onions, mayo, red pepper= 5 star rolls! Both of these recipes are so easy to put together and are great smelling and eye catching.  Whether you’re dining at home or taking … Continue reading

Tablescapes, Playing House

I think when our children get married they should inherit all our old dishes and we should get all the new pretty ones! Seriously, we’re the ones who have sweated and slaved to raise them, and what do we get? More bills and back to all our old stuff…Ha, just kidding…but I did realize when … Continue reading

Recipe Box, Sunday at the Masters

Are you a golfer or a fan of golf? If so you know the meaning of Sunday at the Masters… The fans gather around every green or their TVs, watching every shot on the edge of their seats, awaiting the winner and this years proud wearer of the Green Jacket, the winner of the most … Continue reading

Creations, Crazy Bead Bowl

Elizabeth Carlton in Charleston, South Carolina creates funky ceramic masterpieces. This is one of her vases that my niece gave me for Christmas one year. Her signature elements are bright colors and dotted ball accents. I was looking at her website the other day drooling over her bowls when I got an idea….a wonderful idea….why … Continue reading

Recipe Box, Grilled Artichokes & Pasta Pillows

Here are the recipes from our “Snooty Waiters & Small Bites” dinner the other night.  Our small bites were actually leftovers that were elevated to a new  status by setting a fanciful table…I am a firm believer that setting the stage is important, even if it’s place mats, a cloth napkin or a candle. All … Continue reading

Tablescapes, Small Bites & Snooty Waiters

There’s a bunch of snooty waiters at my house… There’s the bartender The tall one with long jowls and curly tuffs neatly divided by his center part The mustached Bread Waiter who has proved to be a master pepper grinder The Cheese Expert, the short, round Sommelier and the Head Waiter, ready to serve the … Continue reading

Take out Tuesday, Swiss Chard Tart

Looking for a light yet satisfying dish for Spring? Try this simple swiss chard tart…if you can chop a vegetable, break an egg, and grate some cheese, you can make this! So easy! Confession time~I had never had swiss chard…or cooked it…It is so pretty, and it’s one of my favorite winter plants to use … Continue reading

Gifts from the kitchen, Pimento Cheese

The thing about pimento cheese is people feel passionately about it…you either love it or you hate it… Why this particular dish creates so much emotion is beyond me, but what I have learned about it is that EVERY SOUTHERNER HAS AN OPINION! It’s true, it’s almost like talking about politics or religion~people get fired … Continue reading