Take-out Tuesday, Loaded Chicken & Vegetable Taco Bake

  These tacos are lighter than your average tacos because not only are they made with chicken, they are loaded with vegetables           I used onions, sweet peppers and celery, but you can use any vegetables youΒ  like, clean out your fridge!         If you’re using leftover cooked … Continue reading

Take-out Tuesday, Two Way Tacos with Roasted Tomato & Squash Salsa

These are not your ordinary Taco Tuesday ground beef tacos     But they are just as easy!     You can make them with chicken or pork     Boxed or fresh corn tortillas,     Purchased or homemade Flour Tortillas, what ever you like   The roasted vegetables really make these tacos a … Continue reading

Take-out Tuesday, Taco Bread Boat

This is what greeted me when I got home the other night πŸ˜‹ A 2 foot long taco boat full of the last of the summer tomatoes Piled high on a bed of taco meat, refried beans, sour cream and cheese A blanket of green onions was scattered on top along with a few jalapenos, … Continue reading

Recipe Box, Slow Cooker Short Rib Tacos with Asian Peanut Slaw

This recipe is a combo of two of my favorites, Asian Short Ribs and Spring Roll Wraps A few adjustments and you have a whole new way of enjoying these recipes in another version, a soft taco A great way to lighten things up and cool things off in the summertime And it’s easy peasy … Continue reading

Take out Tuesday, Baked Tacos

Have you seen this technique for baking taco shells? Spray the tortillas lightly with some cooking oil spray. Place the tortillas, sprayed side up,Β  over the rods of the oven racks so each side hangs down. Then bake at 325 about 5 minutes until crisp.Β  These are white corn tortillas. Then the shells are ready … Continue reading

Creations, Tacoladas

My favorite part of cooking is the creating part.Β  I guess that is why it is so difficult for me to follow recipes exactly, I just can’t do it!Β  I have to change something, good or bad, I can’t help it.Β  Last week when I fixed tacos I cooked an extra pound of seasoned ground … Continue reading

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