Gifts from the Kitchen, Pantry Gifts and fast wraps

Do you keep a stash of gifts on hand for emergencies and unexpected events? I try too, but often I turn to my pantry when I totally screw up and forget in times of need Here’s what I found this day~ a gourmet dry dip mix, Starbucks instant iced coffee mix, and a new bottle … Continue reading

Recipe Box, Stuffed Peach Salad with Balsamic Drizzle

Interested? This salad looks fancy schmancy but is a snap to make Peel fresh ripe peaches [drop in boiling water for 1 minute for easing peeling]  and cut in half.  Remove pits Fill cavities with chopped pecans, dot with butter, about 1/4 of a pat, and sprinkle with brown sugar That might sound a little … Continue reading

Tablescapes, Poolside

Table for one please… This little corner of the porch is my favorite place to be From here you can see the pool, the sky Parasails… Shades of blue are everywhere~ Just beyond the road and the waterway in front of the house is the Gulf of Mexico You can sip a Pineapple Cocktail or … Continue reading

Gifts from the Kitchen, Tomato Basil Butter

This flavorful butter will brighten up your summer!  Make up a batch to take to the next BBQ or picnic, your host will love having some to stash away! Roast some tomatoes with some olive oil and salt & pepper It’s a beautiful thing! Slide all this yumminess into a dish of softened butter Add … Continue reading

Take-out Tuesday, Lite and Spicy Rainbow Lasagna

You know how you are supposed to eat a rainbow of colors every day? well, I am here to help you out! This is a lightened up version of vegetable lasagna that is made with a rainbow of colors Zucchini, yellow squash, sweet onions and peppers are roasted in the oven to develop a rich … Continue reading

The Organized Life, Cleaning Incentives

I have a little confession to make… I hate house cleaning…I know you’re thinking, “yeah, who doesn’t” but I seriously hate it While I was doing laundry I noticed that there was a lot of OLD junk on the shelves the area could use some cleaning up and the dryer was scratched, hmmm… I have … Continue reading

Home Decor, the Welcomed Guest

Martha Stewart said you should always spend the night in your own guest room to see if it’s comfortable~ I recently tried this… we bought new mattresses for all the guest rooms…    ^^’ A tray full of goodies and things to pamper your guests will make them feel special A quart jar full of … Continue reading

Recipe Box, Ice Cream Sundae Pie

I promise to lighten things up next week, but, I have to remind you how easy it is to throw together an ice cream pie We had an Ice Cream Sundae Bar for the Family Reunion, which is such an effortless way to serve dessert~ Just buy ice cream and toppings and let people build … Continue reading

Party Panache, Stuffed Bread Bowl Dip

This is DD’s recipe, she’s kinda famous for it We kid her a lot because she used to cook all the time, trying out recipes, and even wrote 2 mini cookbooks with a friend Then she got a demanding new job, a darling husband and a bouncing baby girl, and now she doesn’t have time … Continue reading

Tablescapes, Washed Ashore

A perfect day starts with a walk on the beach         and ends with dinner by candlelight~ It is easy to create this Washed Ashore centerpiece…use a shallow basket, bowl or tray as a base and fill it full of anything that might have washed ashore.  I used a ceramic boat planter, … Continue reading