Take-out Tuesday, Spring Vegetable Galette

One of my favorite parts of Spring is the overflowing abundance of fresh vegetables Fresh everything! This galette can be filled with any combination that you can think of, I kept this one green with asparagus, onions and and spinach Simple to make, a side or a meal, and loaded with veggie goodness Caramelize an … Continue reading

Recipe Box, Swoodles with Spinach & Cashew Cream and Air Fryer Review

Do you know about Air Fryers?  Santa brought us one for Christmas This amazing kitchen appliance “fries” by circulating a little oil with hot air, sort of like a convection oven.  It is supposed to make your favorite fried foods much healthier by eliminating 95% of the oil HHjr & I  have been experimenting, and … Continue reading

Party Panache, Nutty Spinach Stuffing Bites

This is a fun and different little app to serve during the holidays.  You can use leftover stuffing or mix up a quick batch with a stuffing mix My friend Lynn over at Happier than a Pig in Mud inspired me to try this.  I used her recipe and added nuts for added flavor and … Continue reading

Recipe Box, Ryan’s Italian Tomato Pie

I need to pay attention when people are cooking in my kitchen “Hey Mom, you’re missing a great blog moment…” “Whoa, what?!”  I gasped, as I grabbed my camera and ran to the kitchen “Why didn’t you tell me!” click, snap, click, snap “Oh, that looks so good, what’s in there? Ricotta, spinach,  garlic, tomatoes, … Continue reading

Take-out Tuesday, Summer Salad with Magic Blueberry Dressing

Want to know why I call this Magic Blueberry Dressing? You take some blueberries top them with some diced apple and crumbled bleu cheese and bake them in the oven and it turns into a magical melty mess Just slide the magic off the foil into a bowl of spinach and crisp romaine topped with … Continue reading

Creations, Tacoladas

My favorite part of cooking is the creating part.  I guess that is why it is so difficult for me to follow recipes exactly, I just can’t do it!  I have to change something, good or bad, I can’t help it.  Last week when I fixed tacos I cooked an extra pound of seasoned ground … Continue reading

Take-out Tuesday, Southwestern Eggrolls

“Take out Tuesday” is the day I cook dinner for my son, Hungry Husband Jr., and his wife, Yoga Girl.  They have 2 sons, Super Boy who is 4 and New Baby who is 2 months, so it’s busy around their household.  On Tuesdays Super Boy comes over to my house and I like to … Continue reading